The Abstract: In recent years, the use of

The impact of Nano-technology on recent advances in monolithic refractories: A review   Heidar Ali* 1Department of Materials Science, UNSW University, Australia *Corresponding Author, Tel: +98 9133330848, E-mail address: [email protected]       Abstract: In recent years, the use of Nano-technology (Nano-particles, Nano-material and Nano-additives) has attracted attention of scholars, engineers, and scientists in all…

Semiconductor devices have marched at the pace of Moore’s Law. The number of transistors doubling every two years is enabled with continuous transistor scaling which has been the uniqueness of the semiconductor manufacturing Industry. Each newer technology generation produces more functionality, denser & faster transistors that can switch fast compared to the previous generation technology 

1 lenders is also an option Swift Corporation

1 .Advantages 1.      The Swift Corporation is encouraged to embrace loss prevention 2.      Swift Corporation will notice an increase in their expense savings. 3.      With actual losses lower than the loss allowance in the insurer premium, Swift Corporation is bound save more money. 4.      Swift Corporation will notice increase in cash flow as they have…


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