Daylight style of biomimicry design a design project

Daylight has
a profound ability to connect people to nature. There are many elements of
natural light that can be observed in nature. We can experience the effect of
natural light for ourselves. For example the sunrise in the early morning with
rich hues shining through the trees and plants that stimulates people with an
energizing, positive feeling. We can also experience it in the evening with the
romantic calm Hues of the sunset that help people relax. Natural light is
diverse as it is always changing because of the weather or seasonal changes.
There is a lot to learn from it when applying a natural light effect in a
concept such as: Reflections from water, sunlight passing through branches and
leaves or being blinded by sunlight on the window. These effects can provide an
experience with unique sensations from the natural light, and these are
qualities of natural light that can have huge impact on treating related
symptoms of Seasonal affective disorder.


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I was
inspired by natural forms of trees and plants such branches, roots and vines
that gives me the idea to develop a design through therapeutic lighting and
also inspired by Julian Melchiorri of using Biotechnology and Biomimicry. I
have also developed my own unique style of biomimicry design a design project
called ”The Amethyst Light” named after my mother and inspired by biological
weathering (See
Figure 10), a Biological weathering is the weakening and following
disintegration of rock caused by plants or animals, you may have seen plants
growing through cracks in the pavement and trees growing from cracks in on the
rocks or abandoned buildings, and witnessing these beautiful act of nature,
reminds me of how nature is trying to interact with us but people are unaware
of this.

The Amethyst
Light project focuses on helping the people who suffer with emotional issues on
a daily life, difficulties of sleeping at night times, waking up in the
morning, lower task motivation and emotional stress and promotes mood lighting
that could overcome the emotional issues at home or at the workplace. (See
Figure 14) Using this inspiration of mimicking the Biological Weathering by designing
a root-like vine using copper tubes material, and deigned to crawls out to the
top of a furniture and spreading like vines, that gives the design of a natural
and flamboyant appearance. (See figure 15) The five circular disks represent
the light, can be customized to a different position, that gives the user to
change light prospective.

Lighting can
enhance the visual component in a way that progresses into a sensory
experience. In natural environments, it has an abundance of tastes, scent,
sounds, and visual pattern that changes with seasonal changes with the
increased time outdoors in the winter season and increased levels of seasonal
affective disorder (SAD). additional physiological senses that could also be
applied to a concept such as a Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hear, we can use
this sensory to treat some symptoms of the seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
that provide stimulating environments that are a pleasure to work in.

I have been
testing on each individual of physiological senses and the benefits that they
can offer to provide to stimulating environments. By developing a concept for
each sense, first sense that I developed through design is Auditory
Stimulation. Problems with the working environment such as Noise can develop
into Stress and Mood Disorders which Dr Norman E. Rosenthal describe in his
book on winter blues as keys to the development of depression in SAD. A Journal
published in 2015 by the Acoustical Society of America finds listening to
Natural Sounds such Waterfall, can boost your mood and productivity at work or

Therefore, I
have conducted an experiment by creating a panel with the design background of
structural vines and using natural sound effect with mood light colours on a
White, Blue and Red. (See Figure 16) This experiment was to
collaborate mood colours with the natural sound such as Red light with a
background music of a crackling fire, this triggers the sense of warm sensation
of the light and sound, this concept could help eliminate impatience and creates
calmness and concentration in the workspace and this can be also place in the
hospitals for patients who are stuck in their rooms for so long and improve
their mood.

People tend
to seek more on nature in Winter Seasons because of the lack of Natural light
that keeps them from outdoor activities, and this increase the symptoms of SAD.
Reconnecting people with nature is one of the best ways of treating related
SAD, for this subject, a design concept of Visual Stimulation that I have
conducted by creating small-scale models inspired by small gardens.

This design
concept (See
Figure 17) is a combination of Tranquillity or an energized calm
(quite), stillness, solitude. This design model is related to a Japanese
garden, a Zen art and this design can be used as a Zen garden, a Japanese rock
garden aids the meditation, to study or help reduce the stress of a person.
This design concept can be place such as parks, universities or Common rooms,
this design also allows the people to interact while the light creates an
atmosphere of relaxing connections between the two seating, while light creates
a relaxing atmosphere, and also mood sound is added this will also make the
connection peaceful and calm between the people who seat around the light.

symptoms caused by winter-onset related to SAD is a taste changes, particularly
becomes a craving for foods high in carbohydrates, which can lead to weight
gain and tiredness or low energy. This symptoms are related to a senses of
Olfactory and Gustatory Stimulation. Neurologist Dr Alan Hirsch, founder of the
Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago says that in the
ancient times people plants trees and herbs to treat inflammation, depression
and induce sleep.

My concept
design idea for this senses have a combination of light and living plants (See Figure 18),
the idea of bringing light into this design concept is because some plants
cannot survive outdoors in the wintertime’s, therefore using high intensity
light that could help grow and flourish plants, that produce health beneficial
such as growing herbal plants that can have an big impact on health. And also
the Light plays an important role because of the high intensity light.


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