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Did you know that over 75 percent of carbon monoxide is coming from your vehicle. Believe it or not but you driving to work is a major hazard to the environment. Also over 200,000 people die from air pollution each year, it’s crazy isn’t it. Let me tell you about the air that we are breathing in today.BodyHave you ever wondered what that smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe is. That is the carbon monoxide from your gas, see that is caused from your gas not burning all the way. When you start your car the gas isn’t being burned all the way so it creates carbon monoxide. The exhaust also emits this thing called hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons is a toxic compound made up of hydrogen and carbon. When hydrogen and carbon are mixed that make hydrocarbons. When your fuel is being burned the nitrogen and oxygen react to each other making nitrogen  oxides.  Have you ever heard of particulate matter they are small particles of a foreign substances it contributes to atmospheric haze while it is in the air, and it can also damage people’s lungs. Nitrogen dioxide is also caused by burning fuel, when the fuel gets hot enough it produces nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide also damages your lungs and can cause chest pain. Back to the particulate matter they are probably the most dangerous chemical that comes out of vehicles. It is made up from organic materials and inorganic substances, soil, dust, metal, acids and other organic chemicals are also included in particulate matter. Acid rain is a type of precipitation that has nitric and sulfuric acids they can be very harmful to people. They are made by sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides released into the air. I bet you didn’t know that there is a plus side on nitro carbons and nitrogen oxides. When the two combined they make ozones a part of the atmosphere, it protects our body from the ultraviolet rays from the sun. If we didn’t have ozones right now we would be here. There is more air pollution in places that have more people. If there is a place that has only five hundred thousand people and another that has three million people who is going to have more pollution. The place with three million people because there is more stuff going on there, there are more vehicles being driven and more factories. There is going to be more fossil fuels being burned with three million people then with just five hundred thousand. They will be needing more gas, and power. If there is a place with three million people don’t you think that that is going to be a big place, that’s going to take up a lot of power. With all the vehicles driving around too, having to get back and forth between work and home. People also have to mow their lawns that also gives off air pollution, so with people driving and mowing that’s going to be a lot of pollution, and there is more. If you mow there’s going to be all that grass laying there and you have a leaf blower you’re going to use it aren’t you. Now imagine if you didn’t use it that means you would have to actually do work, like rack it up and put it in a trash bag. Do you really want to do that “NO” why would you waste so much time when you could just do it the easy way. If you do that little bit of extra work you’re not polluting your environment like you would be if you were using the leaf blower.Imagine a place where you wouldn’t have to worry about air pollution, but guess what you’re in that place you don’t know how badly you are disrupting the environment. With all the gas powered engines we have we have disrupted the environment terribly. Every time you start your car or truck or even a motorcycle you have palluted the environment once again, and you didn’t even notice. When you start any kind of gas powered engine you are polluting the environment. Over half of the air pollution in the world is caused by fossil fuels. Up until 2008 the .U.S was the most polluted  country in the world but in 2008 china was then considered the most polluted country in the world. To this day they are still the most polluted.VOCs is another deadly substance in the air, except for this one it has no smell, color, or taste. VOCs are known as “volatile” because of how easily they evaporate in room temperature. VOCs are usually made from industrial means although vehicles do give them off when they burn fuel. Nitrogen oxide and particulate matter make VOCs. VOCs react with nitrous oxide and sunlight to make ozones at ground level, they are then capable of traveling thousands of miles around the world. People with asthma have more of a chance to get lung and heart diseases.


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