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He is scared and anxious about the erratic and confusing journey ahead because he doesn’t understand everything around him. Knowing this, he refuses to accept this fear, expressing it only a few times. One of the times he chose to open up and express his confusion with mature activities is when Holden says this “sex is something I just don’t understand. I swear to God I don’t”. This is one of the few instances where he admits where he is scared of what is to come. Sex is a part of maturity that he doesn’t understand only because he is not accepting his growth. He clearly expresses a deep discomfort with growing up and all it has to offer. To Holden, all adults are infested with flaws and phoniness. On the contrary, he sees children as pure, innocent, and perfect. He sees himself in a perfect situation and wants it to stay that way instead of acknowledging that adulthood scares and mystifies him. He sees puberty and the process of growing up as a flaw because he can’t stay “perfect”. Holden views adulthood as superficial and dishonest, while childhood is a world of innocence, curiosity, and candor. The contrast between Holdens 2 fantasy worlds is best described by his very own fantasy. He imagines childhood as a picturesque field of rye where children frolic and play.For the children in this field achieving adulthood is falling to their demise off the cliff The cliff is on the edge of this magical field of play. He infers that once you graduate from your youth you enter the ever-changing, unpredictable, unstable, world of adulthood. While Holden is attempting to resist maturity and live his fantasy, he slowly is isolating himself from society becoming his own separate member of the community. All he wants is to stop growing up and stay a child for as long as possible. But little does he know he also is being disconnected from his friends and family, becoming disengaged from the social aspect of his life. His fantasy of saving kids from the never-ending pit of maturity in his catcher in the rye illusion is leaving himself sequestered in his own dreams.


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