Illustrating discovery. In the absence of such a

Illustrating clearly
from Constructivist theory, it is maintained that learners should be in a
position to utilise language and communication to create links between what are
already learnt and whichever new experiences and concepts that may be encountered
afterwards. (Bennet and Dunne in Moon and Mayes, 1994: 54).


In these
respect, my role is to construct frameworks for the students mental reasoning,
a cognitive ascending-structure, which will be built by learners with my
assistance. Conversation between learners and the teachers help build these
scaffolds and discovery. In the absence of such a communicative framework, learning
may lead nowhere. (Bennet and Dunne in Moon and Mayes, 1994: 54).

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In view of the
maturity of the students, I tried to assume a strong responsibility as to
recognize the uniqueness of every of the learners before group assignment are considered.


Of course, it
might take some time to individualise this type of observation, it can however be
done by means of closer scrutiny of the learners’ work, specified questioning
and observation of social behaviour. (Bennet and Dunne in Moon and Mayes, 1994:


In the first
instance, I take lots of time to evaluate a suitable level for tasks or activities
and thus make sure that they are as precise as possible with the view to guarantee
the development of learning. At the level therefore, the “Zone of Proximal
Development” will become important
(Lev Vygotsky). Vygotsky held that, best form of learning takes effect when
the leaners are required to improve the skills, which are somewhat over and
above their understanding.


In other words,
without appropriately analysing the abilities of learners, my inferences on any
learner may not be as accurate as they could have been. (Bennet and Dunne in
Moon and Mayes, 1994: 54).


As soon I take decisions
in relation to content, I can then present the tasks to learners. This
presentation is done in a way that shows my students on how the work of that
lesson fits into what they have been previously doing, and what they will go on
to next. 


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