Maus: Anja refused because it was too painful

Maus: Separation Hiding and DeportationEssayName:Davine   The book “Maus” was written by Art Spiegelman, which is about the author’s father’s experiences during the Holocaust that took place in Nazi Germany during World War II. This essay will demonstrate how Vladek and Anja struggled to keep their family together, but in the end they were forced to separate from everything and everyone that they loved including each other.When Lolek returned home he informed the family about all the  horrible stories he had heard about what the Germans did to the Jews in Auschwitz. For Vladek, the only important thing was to ensure that his family would survive, so even though he was forced to work long hours with little food fixing the guards boots and working at a woodwork shop, he didn’t really mind because he was smart enough to make use of what little he had. Along with everything of value that the Jewish people owned, the Nazi also took their freedom because Jews were not allowedaloud  to walk the streets without their I.D paper or else they would kill them in cold blood with no remorse. Even then some guards didn’t care about the papers they would just kill for the fun of it.Vladek  was very well rounded even with the difficult situation he  was in, he still didn’t let that stop him from being a provider for his family. In Srodula, Vladek made a bunker to keep his family safe from the Germans who were at the time deporting Jews with or without papers.Vladek and Lolek would take turns going out into the ghetto in search of food when one night a man came into the bunker claiming to be looking for food for this family, but has it turnsed  out it was a lie,; he was working with the Germans. Even after the Germans forced them out of the bunker, Vladek still found a way to escape the Germans custody with the help of his cousin, Haskel and the few valuables he still had to pay him. When Vladek and Anja went into hiding in Sosnowiec, they  first stayed with a Polish woman, Mrs. Kowka, then on the farm of Mrs. Motonowa. When  Mrs.Motonowa is searched by the Gestapo, Vladek and Anja had to then return to Mrs. Kowka’s, who tells them of smugglers who might be able to take them into Hungary, but upon their arrival in Hungary the smugglers betrayed them to the Nazi who then took them to  Auschwitz, where they are separated.Ever since the war had started Vladek wanted to send Richieu away so he would be safe but Anja refused because it was too painful to send her only child away.Later on in the book  Wolfe’s uncle Persis shows up to take the kids to Zawiercie,because it was safer there so they decide to send the children, including Anja and Vladek’s son Richieu, to live with Persis. Tosha and Wolfe also accompanied  Persis and the children to Zawiercie.They believed that the kids would be better off, but when the Nazis came to Zawiercie to take the Jews to the camps,Tosha poisoned not only herself but Richieu and her own children in order to avoid a being killed at the camps.This book taught us that even with all the of hiding,sacrifices,cruelty and betrayal that Vladek and his family had to go through it’s important that you keep hope alive because without it your just a dead man walking with nothing left to fight for. For example if Vladek didn’t truly believed that he would someday see Anja again then he would have died way before his time.It also show us that it’s not easy surviving something like  the Holocaust because your pass will always be apart of who you


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