My work experience as database software developer. My

My intention in writing this
statement is to let you know my professional, personal, reasons for applying to
your school and to inform you my future value to the field should you admit me.
I am applying for admission to Online Master of Science in Software

I have several reasons for making
the decision to apply for Online Master of Science in Software Development.
First, I want to become software developer expertise. Secondly, want to have
specialized problem-solving skills in this field. Third, helping and supporting
community because it is our responsibility as people sharing life in this world
to make our future better because the future is not only ours. Our next
generation should be proud of us one day when they look back and find how hard we
worked to make the world a better place.

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I am much ambitious to adopt and
know new technologies. I am really enthusiastic to attend Online Master of
science in software Development because every industry needs creative mind and
expertise in problem-solving, behind every problem solving there is a software

I have decided that the Maryville
University’s John E.Simon School of Business is the school where I will have
the best opportunity to achieve my objectives. Because Maryville University is
University that focuses on bridging the gap between academic theory or reason
and real world I.T. practice. The University’s focus on connecting academic
theory with practical problem-solving skills is reflected my own commitment to
implement my ideas with practical advances.

There are several factors for my
high interest. One factor is my past outstanding academic performance both at
graduate and undergraduate level in accounting and finance and computer fields.
Second sources are my past and present work experience in the IT field,
starting in Ethiopia as a database developer and then moving to U.S.A working
as a database developer for Renasant Technology department. I have over five
years experience in the I.T profession. 
I can say that some of my questions on this topic specifically have come
out of my experiences.

Based on my experience in the
I.T. practices, I have learned to make decisions based on a combination of
theory and practical experience. This approach has helped me to work out
advances and improvements in database software development. It was this
combination of ideas or theory paired with implementation and the reinforcement
of the two that has led to my learning and professional satisfaction.

I have developed a habit of
following up ideas with practical results in my extensive work experience as
database software developer. My work has been productive.  I designed and implemented different database
system, System Analysis & Design, Database Development, and Administration
& Support of different versions of Relational Database Management system
(RDBMS). Strong experience in scripting/programming language specifically in
Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM DB2, including the ability to develop, test, and
debug complex queries, stored procedures, triggers, views, joins and data
migration scripts. Expert in creating tables, views, indexes, stored procedure,
functions & triggers. Strong experience in creating and implementing high
availability and disaster recovery plans.

I already have skills, experience
and knowledge gained from my working in different projects in this field that I
want to advance further. I know the satisfaction and gratification that these
past achievements have given me and also the passion to produce additional
advances. In all my various roles in the I.T. profession, I have faced
challenges that I learned to resolve. I know that there will be challenges in
every situation and I feel very strongly that I will prepare for those in the
Maryville University’s John E.Simon School of Business.

I believe that the combination of
continuing interest for self-improvement, increased learning, combined with my
persistence on approaching problems with both reason and real-world practical
application, and thus to bring new paths with new ideas, is my unique
character. I believe that this character will take me forward successfully to
explore new paths and bring new ideas in I.T. 
I strongly hope that you will recognize my solid experience in the IT
field and my strong motivation help me for future success. I believe my
qualification and your needs would be an excellent fit. I look forward to your
positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.


I'm Victor!

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