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The 1960s was a decade of big: big hair, big concerts such as Woodstock, and big families. In 1950s, all the poster design emphasised on big, full and colourful illustrations, symmetrical balance layout, serif font and even used the different size and color of the font, fill up all the space of the poster. Bernbach thought the exact opposite, Bernbach thought small, which was a complete antinomy of the consumer mentality. This iconic advertisement designed by Helmut Krone in 1959. Helmut Krone was an art director and is considered to be a pioneer of modern advertising. He adopted the Swiss Style in the poster design for their new multinational client. The big part of the Swiss Style’s essence is use the grid system as a purely visual framework (Terror, 2009). In addition to the grid, Swiss Style usually involves an asymmetrical layout, sans serif typefaces and the favouring of photography over illustrations (Budrick, 2015). In the poster, they wee using three column grid to advertise the new Volkswagen Beetle. Though the bold, centred san serif by line “Think Small” did not conform to the asymmetric alignment of the grid, but by being fitted precisely into the central column it did not disturb the advertisement’s overall sense of order. The cool logic of its layout contrasted with the ad’s playfully unorthodox message. The contrast between the poster’s layout and its message was in keeping with Krone’s conviction that ‘the page ought to be a package for the product’. It means he created a poster as an identity or corporate image of Volkswagen which is People’s Car. The car’s famously well-functioning engine contrasted with the playfully unorthodox design of its body shape. He took traditional layout A, which had always existed: 2/3 picture, 1/3 copy, three blocks with a headline in between (Cramsie, p.250, 2010). But he changed the picture. The picture was naked-looking, not full and lush. The other small change was the copy, which was sans serif rather than serif (Sherman, 2012). 

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