Pollution increase in the amount of carbon dioxide

Pollution is a hazard in our
environment that can cause harm to not only us humans but the animals also
living in the environment around the world. It has caused many problems ranging
from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect. Currently it is effecting our everyday
lives and we need to step up and do something about it because we are the ones
mostly causing it.

One of the greatest problems
we face in the world today is pollution. This is pollution of the air, water
and soil. It takes millions of years to make this right. The number one
pollutants are industry and motor vehicle exhaust fumes. In addition to this,
nitrates, heavy metals and plastic are other toxins that cause pollution. Air
pollution is caused by the gases and toxins that are released by industries and
factories. Then, there is water pollution. Water pollution occurs through oil
spills, urban runoff, and acid rain. Soil pollution occurs when industrial
waste is added into the soil that takes away its essential nutrients.

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Pollution is not always the
result of human action. It can also be the consequence of natural
disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes, other severe storms
and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These can all cause pollution that
often results in drinking water supplies being contaminated by sewage and
petrochemical spills from ruptured tanks from boats, automobiles or storage

Pollution harms many species
and has a huge impact on the environment. One being environment degradation.
This happens when there is an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere leading to smog which can restrict the sunlight making plants not to
grow n the process in photosynthesis. Second, would be human health. Chest
pain, congestion, throat inflammation, cardiovascular disease, respiratory
disease. These some of diseases that can be causes by air pollution. Next is
Ozone layer depletion, this stops ultra violet rays from reaching the earth.
Lastly would be infertile land. Due to the use of insecticides and pesticides,
the soil may become infertile and plants may not be able to grow due to lack of
vital nutrients needed for the plants to thrive.

I firmly believe that we cannot
stop hurricanes, tornados and any other natural disasters that cause pollution.
However, we can find ways to decrease energy. By turning off lights, computers
or and electrical things in your house off that are not in use. We can use
energy efficient light bulbs. There are also other ways but people wouldn’t do them,
like using public transportation. Someone like myself would not because I have
my own car and a lot of other people do to so that wouldn’t be
useful. Another way is driving smart, like going the speed limit and conserve
you gas in your car. Lastly a good idea would be planting a garden. A lot of
people have gardens because they like fresh and cleaner food.

It is time we paid attention to better the air
quality we breath in two aspects. there should be some policies to limit the
amount of chemicals discharged into the air by the factories, the authorities
should restrict the number of vehicles allowed to run in the city, especially
in the rush hours when there is heavy traffic, and we need to raise our
awareness of this problem. Everyone should be conscious of how serious the
problem has become because the air is being polluted mostly by human
irresponsible activities.


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