Sarang is in uppermost bracket of employees, who

is an outstanding performer and a key resource in our team.  He is certainly one of the best picks of GSPC.
Among his peers in Drilling and Completions Department, only he has been
promoted to the Senior Officer position. Every year he is in uppermost bracket
of employees, who receive the highest bonus. He played a pivotal role in the drilling
of the offshore HPHT wells by leading a team of engineers and semiskilled
workers on rig. Working at GSPC, he has demonstrated strong Project management
skills. He has been involved in managing the whole project by doing the
planning work from office and execution work on wellsite.

have managed many engineers, but Sarang’s holistic approach towards the
execution of projects is unique. Compared to his peers, after initial briefing
of the projects, he takes the ownership and manages all macro and micro details
of the project. He is self-reliant. He will do all the research himself and
find the solutions somehow. Throughout his tenure I have never found him miss
any project objective or deadline. He combines the bird’s eye view and worm’s
eye view and ensures that there are no show stoppers in our projects. He has
demonstrated strong leadership on several occasions. He proactively takes
charge and assumes leadership position in groups. One of the most critical jobs
in oilfield is a well control situation. To handle it, one needs to be very
attentive and maintain composure. In one such scenario, Sarang was the Night supervisor
of the rig and during his shift there was a well control situation. His
response to that situation is praiseworthy. Rather than handing over the charge
to the day supervisor, he himself did the well control. He identified the kick
on time and took the corrective actions immediately, which saved many lives and

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also has the ability to persevere and generate innovative solutions to the
problems. Once Coiled tubing was stuck in the wellbore. After various
unsuccessful attempts for 2 days to release it, everybody had lost hopes and
was discussing plans to abandon the well, a well which costs about 80 million
dollars. But Sarang persisted and convinced the Companyman(Supervisor) to try
one more time with an out-of-box idea. After a few hours, Coiled tubing was
released using his technique, saving thousands of dollars for the company.

peculiar characteristic of Sarang is that he is a people person. By
demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, he has been able to build great
relationships with staff on the site and at the head office. In the group
meetings, he values the opinions of both seniors and juniors. He has mentored
several subordinates and is respected for his humbleness. 


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