Survey types of the family, Distribution: Kingdom plantae

Survey of solanaceae family


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family ordinarily known as potato family.Family have a place with the request
solanalas the name solanaceae got from the variety solanum which is likewise
known night shade plant.The historical background of the Latin word is
indistinct. The name may originate from an apparent similarity of certain
solanaceous blossoms to the sun and its beams. No less than one types of
Solanum is known as the “sunberry”. Then again, the name could start
from the Latin verb solari, signifying “to mitigate”, apparently
alluding to the relieving pharmacological properties of a portion of the
psychoactive types of the family,















family has90 genera and 2700 species, broadly circulated in tropical and mild
districts of both the halves of the globe however mainly W. furthermore,
Southern S. America has 40 genera around 15 genera and more than 90 species has
been accounted for from India. Spoken to in Pakistan by 14 genera and c. 52
types of which 27 species are local, 6 naturalized and the others only
developed or discovered sometimes as breaks.

genera which
are dispersed in Pakistan are as following,

Capsicum, cestrum, Datura, Hyoscyamus, Lycianthes, Lycium, Lycopersocon,
Nicotiana, Petunia, Physalis, Physochlaina, Solanum, Withania


from solanaceae are generally mesophytes and some are xerophytes.


Plants in
the Solanaceae can appear as herbs, bushes, trees, vines and lianas, and once
in a while epiphytes. They can be annuals, biennials, or perennials, upright or
decumbent. Some have underground tubers. They don’t have laticifers nor latex,
nor hued saps.petunia,shizamthus,physalis,solanum nigrum and so forth are
yearly herbes solanum indicum datura fastuosa and so on are lasting under
bushes, solanum jasminoides s.dulcamera and so forth are broad climbers,
getting to be noticeably woody. Once in a while little tree are additionally
discovered solanum giganteum, s.maeranthun.


are nitrogenous natural substances delivered by plants as an auxiliary
metabolite and which have an extraordinary physiological activity on creatures
even at low measurements. Solanaceae are known for having an assorted scope of
alkaloids. To people, these alkaloids can be attractive, dangerous, or both.
The tropanes are the most surely understood of the alkaloids found in the
Solanaceae. The plants that contain these substances have been utilized for a
considerable length of time as toxic substances. In any case, in spite of being
perceived as toxins, a significant number of these substances have important
pharmaceutical properties. The numerous species contain an assortment of alkaloids
that can be pretty much dynamic or harmful, for example, scopolamine, atropine,
hyoscyamine, and nicotine. They are found in plants, for example, the henbane
(Hyoscyamus albus), belladonna (Atropa belladonna), datura or jimson (Datura
stramonium), mandrake (Mandragora autumnalis), tobacco, and others.



solanaceae family Tap root, sinewy and tuberous framework present, for example,
solanum tuberosum shape tubers because of capacity of food.initial root
framework was supplemented by a solid extrinsic framework developing close to
the plant neckline, made up of an arrangement of quickly developing roots with
substantial apical distances across.


Leaves of
solanaceae family are exstipulate, basic, whole or pinnately lobed or dismembered
: exchange and winding in the vegetative locales, however getting to be
noticeably combined or sub-inverse in the blossoming parts.change in leaf game
plan and axillary branches.


flying, woody beneath and herbaceous over, some have underground tuberous stem,
barrel shaped with unmistakable ribs, strong separated into hubs and
internodes, expanded, green,vascular packs are bicollateral write. Pitiole
usually indicates adnation with the stem.


It is
generally cymose compose. It might be terminal or axillary in position. In a
few animal varieties cyme is additional axillary seeming to emerge from the
center of an internode because of the adnation of the peduncle with the
internode, in types of nicotiana terminal racemes display terminal cymose
panicle solanum jasminodides S.duleamera most types of solanum the
inflorescence is umbelliod bunch. In datura, physalis and so on blossom is
really terminal and lone.


Blooms might
be single or axillary in datura, a few blossoms are grouped, for example, in
withania. Blooms are bracteate as in petunia, nicotiana or ebractea as in
solanum, swinger, hypogynous, pentamerous finish, flawless, actinomorphic and
standard much of the time purchase zygomorphic in Hyoscyamus, salpiglossis asnd


combined sepal are available, gamosepalous,valvate or contorted, imbricate in
petunia, copular, tubular or profoundly divided.Accrescent in physalis,
nicandra,etc.some plants calyx is persevering and much enlaged in fruit.calyx
joined at the base and at some point expanded in organic product.


Four melded
petals are available, gamopetalous,variable fit as a fiddle pivot in solanum,
salver-formed in nicotiana chime molded in pysalis and trumpet-like in datura.
Aestivation induplicate valvate(plicate) or convolute(datura). Seldom valvate
or contorted. Petals flaps unequal in the zygomorphic blooms.


of five free stamens rotating with petals however just 4 in
Salpiglosis,Brunfelsia or 2 in Schizanthus.Anthers basi or
dorsifixrd,2-celled,4-lobed and introres.In solanum anthers stay in a cone
around the style and open by apical pores.When number is reduced,staminoids
might be found.


Syncarpous, superios. Ovary 2-celled, with hub placentation: ovules many,
anatropous or amphnitropous, on plump swollen placentum.In numerous like
Datura, ovary move toward becoming 4-celled by false parceling oreven a few
celled as in Lycopersicon.In capsicum, ovary 2-celled at bring down point yet
1-celledat the best. Cestrum has just few straightforward, smooth
or shaggy close to the best shame capitate or lobed. 


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