Trang ThanMrs. StaffordEnglish III24 January 2017Research Topic Proposal”Two

Trang ThanMrs. StaffordEnglish III24 January 2017Research Topic Proposal”Two Kinds””Two Kinds” by Amy Tan is a short story about the relationship between mother and daughter that have different views on their own culture. Jing-Mei’s mother was a Chinese immigrant who had lost everything in China and migrated to America with the idea that America is a land of opportunities. She wanted Jing-Mei to become a musical prodigy but Jing-Mei refused because she knew she wasn’t a genius and she only wanted to be herself. As a daughter who was born and grew up in America, Jing-Mei had adopted the American culture which is completely different from her mom’s culture. This created a large conflict between their different standards that remained unsolved between Jing-Mei and her mother for a long time. In “Two Kinds,” Amy Tan developed her idea that cultural differences in values can lead to differences in expectations since different cultures have their own sets of standards. Tan expresses these kinds of expectations of Jing-Mei’s mother when she states that “Her mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America‚Ķ America was where all her mother’s hopes lay. She had come here in 1949 after losing everything in China” (Tan 132). Even though the mother had lost everything in China, she still believed that America is where she could start a new and better life. With that idea in her mind, she wanted her daughter to take this opportunity and become a prodigy because she didn’t want her daughter to lose the chance of having a better life like she did in China. Regardless of her mother’s hopes and dreams, Jing-Mei had her own views of living her life. She decided that “She didn’t have to do what her mother said anymore. She wasn’t her slave. This wasn’t China” (Tan 141). With a perspective as someone who was born in America, Jing-Mei believed that she should be able to grow up using her own standards and not her mom’s. She wished to be independent from her mother and be her own self rather than being an unrealistic prodigy that her mom had always dreamt of. In other words, Tan is trying to portray that the major difference of culture will create a large difference in expectations and standards among them. After reading this story, I have come to agree with Amy Tan that cultural differences in values could result in different expectations because different cultures have their own sets of standards. I choose this position because what I have experienced in my life. I had lived in Vietnam for 13 years before I moved to America, and the cultures between two countries at different continents are quite different. From moving here at a young age, I have adapted to the American culture and also different standards along with what is expected of me here. I was able to understand the differences between two cultures and had a hard time blending myself in. Under those circumstances, I agree with Tan’s argument about variances in culture leading to differences in standards.MLA citation:Tan, Amy. “Two Kinds.” The Joy Luck Club, Penguin Book, 2006, pp.132-44.


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