We CE) who was endorsed as emperor by

We will start this topic with a brief explanation of
the song dynasty. What is the song



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The song dynasty started 960 C.E with the founder of
the song dynasty the Emperor Taizu.


It was located in China it was being ruled by Taizu
until the time got there it split into


two periods the Northern Song and Southern Song. The
northern ruled more and they


were located in their Capital in Kaifeng. Until they
got invaded by Jin, so they needed to


move their capital to Hangzhou.


The state couldn’t move with political problems after
a year with great economic wealth


until they faced a bigger problem then what they had
in the past the Mongol empire hit


they with a great invasión and the song empire
collapsed in 1279 C.E.





(The song dynasty was, thus, founded by the Later Zhou
general Zhao Kuangyin


(927-976 CE) who was endorsed as emperor by the army
in 960 CE? His reign title would


be Taizu (‘Grand Progenitor’). Making sure no rival
general ever became too powerful and


gained the necessary support to take his throne, the
emperor introduced a system of


rotation of army leaders and swept away all
opposition. Further, he ensured that the civil


service henceforth enjoyed a higher status than the
army acting as their supervisory




Taizu was succeeded by his younger brother, Emperor
Taizong (‘Grand Ancestor’), who


reigned from 976 to 997 CE. The stability provided by
the long reigns of the first two


emperors (at least compared to the chaotic previous
centuries) gave the Song dynasty the


start it needed to become one of the most successful
in China’s history.)


( by Mark Cartwright published on 26 September 2017)




Song had alot of trouble with politics, Eventhough
they had a very good economy


Kaifeng had become one of the metroplises in the worlf
with the Song they had a


population of around a million. The city
was getting benefits from industrilazátion and had


supplies from the mines like coal and iron.Kaifeng was
well known by his printings,


textiles, paper, and porcelain industries. They exported
in the silk road and across india


godos like rice, silk, tea, and copper. Some imports inculde
horses, camels, sheeps, cotton


cloth, and ivory.


Farming became good so farmers starting producing more
for there own good. Cities


became more populate the market got more vaariety
farmers started to grow crops while the


price started getting higher. But to transport to much
food and godos they needed more tan


camels so they strated building thousands of ships to
transport it all companie that transport


it baceme very successful.


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