We Plasma miR-155 both when analyzing the total

We examined
the expression levels of miR-155 in plasma samples from 40 DLBCL patients and 38
healthy individuals. As demonstrated by qRT-PCR analysis, miR-155 expression
was significantly higher in plasma samples from DLBCL patients (median expression value 4.29, range: 1.52- 27.86)
compared with those of healthy controls (median expression value 2.14, range: 0.29-
10.56; P< 0.002) (Figure 1). Clinical information, including age, sex, LDH level, B-symptoms, staging and International Prognostic Index (IPI) status were available for 40 cases of the de novo DLBCL patients. The cases were split into two groups according to miR-155 expression (high and low expression, 21 and 19 cases, respectively). In patients with DLBCL, Plasma miR-155 expression correlated associated to several some known adverse prognostic factors. The presence of B-symptoms, LDH levels above normal value and advanced stage of disease (stage III/IV), and LDH levels above normal range were associated with increased levels of Plasma miR-155 both when analyzing the total lymphoma DLB group and when restricting the analysis to patients with either DLBCL or HL (Table 1). In patients with DLBCL As a consequence, DLBCL patients with an adverse prognostic score had higher levels of Plasma miR-155, which was significant in patients with DLBCL (age-adjusted IPI>2, P=0.0002).

role of the Plasma miR-155 levels at diagnosis as a prognostic marker
was analyzed for the two major diagnostic entities included in these study DLBCL patients. Plasma
miR-155 levels were compared using Mann– Whitney independent t-test.
Kaplan–Meier survival analysis was carried out on overall survival times of
DLBCL patients for whom follow-up details were available (n= 40) as a function
of miRNA-155 level, using the median value as a high/low cut-off. Overall
survival times were calculated from the time of diagnosis to the date of death
or last contact. High levels of Plasma miR-155 in DLBCL patient plasma
were found to be associated with overall survival (P=???). Patients with high
and low miRNA-155 levels had median OS times of 9 and 13 months, respectively (Figure
2). Statistical analyses were performed using GraphPad Prism version 4.00
(GraphPad, San Diego, CA, USA).P-values£0Æ05 were considered significant. 

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